How We Work

Our Methodology

1. Analysis

Once you approach us for the work, we sit down with you. We understand and do the complete analysis of your requirement. We provide you different possibilities to meet your expectation. Those possibilities are provided to you after certain group discussions with the team of experts in the organisations.

2. Team Build-up

After coming to conclusion regarding your work requirement and doing complete analysis of your work with you, we begin to work on building up the best fitted team from our staff; the staff team which is technology driven and proficient enough in the particular field to complete the assigned work on time.

3. Project Planning

As soon as the task is oriented to the team, a detailed roadmap of the work is prepared by the team’s effort. The task is prepared keeping in mind the quality and ways in delivering the best result.

4. Work division

Since the roadmap is prepared with much discussion, the team is subdivided in parts and each member is assigned with different roles to achieve the desired result with distinctive time frame.

5. Team meet on regular intervals

There are team meetings being held on regular intervals to check up on the status of the work, to resolve certain queries and also to work upon the unsolved bugs and others to finish the assigned work prior the deadline. This would indeed make the whole meet on the same page without many queries.

6. Work Review and QA

There is a team of professionals to do the testing and finalise on the quality assurance of the project, in order to ensure bug-free and secured product development. This task is done after the completion of the whole project but checked several times prior the work is released.

7. Ready to assist anytime

Our team is always willing to assist you anytime in case of any doubt, even after your work is completed from our end; since we believe in building long-term relationship with our client.