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Software Development with Tailor-made Requirement

We’re an Indian software development company focused on offering wide range of services for companies who wants to outsource software development: web, mobile, desktop, etc. with skilled and enthusiastic developers on board. Our outsourcing service include Web App Development, Mobile App Development, IT Managed Services, IT staff Augmentation, IT infrastructure, Agile Software Development.

Complete Software Development Outsourcing

Our top-notch quality outsource software development services offer vigorous web and mobile apps ensuring exemplary user experience. Our domain specialists explicate client’s view and prepare a strategic aspect to optimize each process of the Software development life cycle models with QA practices that match your requirement with specific budget and time.

Custom Software Development

We deliver high-grade custom software applications with expertise that works in creating designs, and maintaining software for a specific set of users or organizations. So if you want tailor-made software for the specific requirement that can increase scalability and protecting the organization from external threat, then choose OJCT Digicom for the custom software development.

Software Product Development

We transform your ideas into market-ready software development tools from the beginning, taking adaptability, toughness and customizability into account. Thinking to outsource the software product development service? Or in mood to hire an offshore software product development team? Easy way is to approach OJCT Digicom for software development services.

SaaS Application

Transform manner in which you work, with exclusive and incredible software that runs your entire business with our software development skills. Software as a Service application (SaaS) stays at the vanguard of the cloud computing revolution; maintaining the servers, databases, and software of your company that can be accessed from almost any device via the internet.

ERP Software Development

Are you looking out for something that can help you manage your resources well with software development tools? ERP Software or system development can help you collect data from various levels of an organization, manages activities across departments for business. Backed by the team of IT infrastructure development and management expertise, we can help boost your business in regards to your industry specific requirement.

Desktop Software Development

Our software development services include desktop software development aspects as well together with other services. Let us know your desktop development needs, our talented team would help you run the application on both the Windows and Mac. This will indeed delight your customers with the rich functionality, increase the speed of work and offer user-friendly interface.

CRM software

We know selling and maintaining relations with clients can be hard; if there is no strategy or software development tool to manage that. But with an experienced team’s help of OJCT Digicom, you would be able to boost contextual engagement, manage multiple departments and drive deal to closure. Contact us watch your organization grow.

CMS Software

Instead of building your own system for creating web pages, storing images, and other functions; our CMS software development type can handle all the basic infrastructure stuff for you on the website, so that you can work on front end part of your website. You can jump straight into building your site without any technical setup.

Event Management Software

Manage your event from one place by automating many of your manual event management tasks. Our event management software simplifies the entire process – starting from sourcing the venue to end with custom dashboards and reports after the event is completed and also from one-on-one meetings to the complex user conference.

Support And Maintenance Services

Our support and maintenance services focus on ensuring that applications are highly available, reliable and stay relevant to current business needs. We offer the services that account for expected and unexpected software issues across a range of devices and systems.

Agile Software Development

Our team of agile software development services can help the end user by forming with innovative and engaging products to ensure that work gets done on time. Our team works with curated open source technologies to build high performance, secure, and scalable cloud applications to enable your organization to move faster and build smarter.

Enterprise Software Solutions

If you are thinking of integrating several software products to manage financial, HR, sales, marketing, manufacturing, or supply chain operations in your organization; then consider the benefits of consolidating their tools into a single ERP system. We are an Enterprise Software Solutions providing firm, that can help you grow.

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The OJCTDigicom​’s key area of focus for Outsourcing Software Development​ solutions include Complete Software Development Outsourcing, Custom Software Development​, Software Product Development​, SaaS Application, ERP Software Development​, Desktop Software Development​, CRM Software​, Event Management Software, Support And Maintenance Services, Agile Software Development​, Enterprise Software Solutions.